Design a Chic Modern Space Around a Brick Accent Wall

When you think of brick walls you typically think of lofts, country homes, maybe even bungalows. But brick walls are now used in a variety of spaces as faux and accent walls, and even to bring some charm into more modern spaces. That’s exactly what we have to show you here — two designers who have made their modern and sleek spaces a bit more characteristic with exposed brick walls. As we often talk about on here, opposites attract. So whether you’ve got brick walls in your space, or you’re thinking of adding an accent wall, browse these spaces and get inspired and see what makes these spaces work.

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Shop Houzz: Get Inspired by Houzz-Exclusive Designs (58 photos)

Design No. 1: Happy Raindrops

This colorful design seems to proclaim that there’s cheer to be found even in a downpour. The drops have a subtle retro feel, and the combination of colors is eye-catching without being loud. Mirror the elegant raindrop shape in lighting and other accents for a space that really makes a splash.

Design No. 2: Fish Scales

This watercolor wonder in a palette of soothing blue-greens will bring a bubbly sensibility to a room. Drawing inspiration from the scalloped form of fish scales without going thematically overboard, this design looks as lovely in the bedroom or living room as it does in the bath. Create an ocean scene with decorative fish or echo the pattern with a pendant, backsplash or gold accent.

Design No. 3: Flaming Flamingo

Plastic lawn ornaments don’t quite do the flamingo aesthetic justice. This design upgrades this whimsical bird from kitschy to downright chic with a smattering of graceful forms against a smoky gray background. Embrace bold shades of pink in furnishings large and small, and use modern and geometric lines to balance out the soft motif.

Design No. 4: Eye Blush

This design combines the youthful feeling of a doodle from notebook margins and the wistful look of blended watercolors. Bring in a touch of mischief with this watchful pattern on textiles and functional accents. Go for a cheekily stylish space with additions like wall art inspired by an optometrist’s chart or an eye-catching clock.

Houzz Tour: Art and Natural Light Shine in a Contemporary Apartment (10 photos)

“The client had a sizable collection of paintings and sculptures, and part of [the challenge] was finding an appropriate space for them in the apartment,” Radhakrishnan says, “Once we installed all the furnishings, the last thing I do is install all the art in the home by finding the most appropriate place.”

A Minimalist Family Home Design That Doesn’t Sacrifice Fun

Designed for a growing family in Zhubei, Taiwan, this modern home maintains a clean canvas to put life and love at the forefront. The relationship between space and form becomes more important than decoration itself, relying on natural materials to provide the texture and color that makes this space interesting. The creatives at Phase 6 worked to instill this home with the perfect balance between comfort and luxury and the result seems to hit the target head-on. Fun details hide around every corner to delight the children and parents alike. If you love the natural and easygoing side of minimalism, this space is sure to spark ideas.

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Dynamic Duo: How to Pull Off a Two-Tone Exterior Color Scheme (8 photos)

Another tip for deciding where to add a contrasting hue is to look for areas broken up by a line of trim, such as on the gables of this lovely home. Unlike in the previous examples, these are not shades of the same color, but because the gold is soft and the taupe is neutral they work well together, as well as with the colors in the landscape.

Lofts That Are Anything But Industrial & Stark

Lofts are known for their harsh lines, exposed metals, a wide open spaces — so typically, they aren’t associated as being cozy and inviting. But in the heart of Beirut, architect Bernard Khoury and Cleer design studio have teamed up to create spaces that are just as warm and indulgently layered as the city’s food and history. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of industrial chic, or you want to lose some of the starkness of your own loft, you’ll want to check out these spaces.

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My Houzz: Author Makes Her Home in a Quiet Corner of Hertfordshire (32 photos)

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here:
Freya North, bestselling author of 14 books. Her latest novel, The Turning Point (HarperCollins), is due out in paperback in the U.S. on May 3. She lives with her son, Felix, 15 this month; her daughter, Georgia, 13; dogs Twiggy and Bee; and horse Nathan
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Size: Five bedrooms, four bathrooms

North had long dreamed of life in the countryside. “I wondered if it were possible to give my children an old-fashioned childhood,” she says. Thanks to a 1970s bungalow set on 50 acres of land, complete with stables and pastureland, that dream has become a reality.

North opened up and modernized the bungalow, while her children quickly learned to love the great outdoors. Now there’s ample space for the family, plus two dogs and a horse, and lots of room for North to write (a converted stable is now her study).

“Inside, the house consisted of loads of small rooms, so I sketched out what I wanted, and we created a semi-open-plan space,” North says. “I was after a sort of modern, New England Shaker feel.”

Product Of The Week: Blumoo Smart Control For Universal Control Of All Your Devices

Blumoo solves a real problem. In this age of an ever increasing cluster of devices that we are pressured to operate on a daily basis, keeping track of which is which can be a challenging task. The beauty of Blumoo Smart Control is that it combines the functionality of every one of those remotes into a single device that you will always have at hand – your mobile phone. It even enables those phones that do not have an IR blaster like the iPhone or the Galaxy S7 to control infra red based devices. Getting one of these will sure help you avoid remote overload.

universal smart remote

Here is how it works:

smart remote working

It can even enable your non-smart stereos to be controlled by your phone.

smart remote

Current version supports about 250,000 devices.

mobile smart remote

Assign single buttons for multi step activities like turning on, changing inputs and even navigating menus.

blumoo remote

mobile tv guide

streaming music smart remote

Apple watch and Amazon Echo support is included as well. This means that if you have Echo, you can say things like “Alexa, tell Blumoo to Watch Movie” and the device will respond!

remote control tv with apple watch

You can get in on Amazon here.

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World of Design: 11 Secrets of British Eccentric Style (11 photos)

11. Cultivating confidence. “If you’re trying to be eccentric, you’re probably not a true eccentric,” Byam Shaw says. “However, what you can do is develop the confidence to express yourself. If you have a collection of plastic beetles that you love, don’t be embarrassed to put them out on show.”

“We aim to turn home design into a fun expression of our clients’ personalities,” Agathou says. “That’s where interior designers can make a huge difference to the process. A designer who knows how to put things together will allow you to be brave.”

Pictured here is Agathou’s kitchen, complete with one of his mantras for life hanging above the garden doors. “I believe that life is a creative journey that should be lived to the full,” he says. “That means not worrying about what others are doing, but finding your own pleasure in innovation and ideas. I don’t set out to be an eccentric, but if that makes me one, then so be it!”

What Byam Shaw says came out of the conversations with everyone she interviewed for her book was that they really didn’t care what other people thought of their taste. They knew what they liked and what made them happy, and that was what mattered.

Says Agathou: “I don’t understand why anyone would design their home for the approval of others. We should always focus on what makes us happy. What’s the point of the design otherwise?”

Tell us: What defines “eccentric” for you? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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