Houzz Tour: Dramatic Contrast in Montreal (18 photos)

This family was at the point of fight or flight with their outdated, dark and chopped-up 1980s split-level home. After looking for another house to buy, they realized that they loved their neighbors and their walkable neighborhood, and that no matter where they went, they’d still probably have to renovate…

Houzz Tour: A Modern Home on Solid Ground in Minnesota (9 photos)

Architect Christian Dean was helping a couple remodel their single-story rambler across from a park when a surveyor discovered that the home had been built on a swamp and was tilting across its foundation. They also learned that in the 1950s, the builder had dug a trench around the rambler and built…

Surreal Architectural Illustrations By Cinta Vidal Agulló

Barcelona-based illustrator Cinta Vidal Agulló turns architectural drawing on its head with these surreal urban landscapes that reflect the idea that we all live in one world, but the inner dimensions we experience may not match the realities that others perceive. These clever plays on perspective are reminiscent of M.C. Escher’s impossible geometries, but this series goes beyond bare mathematics and delves deep into the human condition – each painting explores different facets of life, purpose, culture, and other existential subtleties. Each composition is painted in acrylic on smooth wooden boards.

A California Bungalow Kitchen Gets a Retro-Style Redo (8 photos)

Desiring a functional and family-friendly layout, a couple in Alameda, California, opted to deconstruct a dark warren of rooms to create a brighter, more open kitchen that embraced a vintage vibe. Challenged with including a laundry area, camouflaging a water heater and making it all feel cohesive,

2 Modern Apartments Under 1200 Square Feet Area For Young Families (Includes 3D Floor Plans)

Home design magazines often feature clean, elegant spaces – showing satin cushions, white couches and spotless bedspreads that soon become the wreckage of children. How do you attain a gorgeous, minimalistic space that all the family can enjoy? These two modern apartments under 1200 square feet from Minsk, Belarus and Dnipro, Ukraine, show how colouring and neutral tones can be both harmonious and child-friendly. Using clever partitioning to divide spaces, competing colours in kids’ bedrooms can be loud – and work together. Neutral undertones and subtle texturing make features out of background tones, creating the illusion of more space. Unique elements set several spaces apart, creating harmony in the space that your family meets, greets, and eats.

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My Houzz: Eclectic English Cottage in the Hollywood Hills (37 photos)

Outpost Estates was created in the 1920s by developer Charles E. Toberman, nicknamed “the Father of Hollywood” for his role in developing many of the area’s landmarks, such as the Hollywood Bowl and Grauman’s Chinese Theater. On roughly 1,000 acres of hillside land, Toberman created a luxurious and modern…

My Houzz: Modern Mountain House in a Utah Canyon (15 photos)

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: John Sparano and Anne Mooney of Sparano + Mooney Architecture and their twin daughters
Location: Emigration Canyon, near Salt Lake City
Size: 2,500 square feet (232 square meters); three bedrooms, two bathrooms
Year built: 2009

“As soon as we had the land, it felt like home,” architect and homeowner Anne Mooney says. “As architects we like to spend time on the site during the design process — in different times of the day and night — and experience the different seasons. The house feels dramatically different in the winter when the site is covered with snow and in the summer surrounded by the lushness of the surrounding woods. My favorite time is the fall, when the colors match the house and it feels really embedded into its canyon setting.”

She and husband John Sparano analyzed the site over the course of a year, tracking the summer and winter solstices and studying the environment in each season. “Sustainable design is integral to the project, beginning with the relatively small footprint of the house, which was built at the minimum allowed,” Mooney says.

Thanks to its fire-resistant exterior and compact footprint, the home earned the state’s first LEED-H Silver certification. The points system rates the design and construction of buildings based on their sustainability and adherence to environmentally friendly guidelines.

What’s LEED All About, Anyway?

40 Unique Wine Racks & Holders For Storing Your Bottles With Style

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Kitchen of the Week: A French Country Makeover in Philly (10 photos)

This homeowner, who loves to bake and travels often, wanted more space and a classic French design in her kitchen, part of a midcentury addition to a turn-of-the-last-century cottage. Designer Kristine Robinson wasn’t afraid to knock down walls to make it happen. The new kitchen has a roomier layout,…

22 Yellow Accent Kitchens That Really Shine

Yellow is a bold design choice, but it’s popular in adventurous kitchens for a good reason – it’s a cheerful color full of energy and optimism, associated with cleanliness and freshness. Part of this energetic perception contributes to its association with the marketing of healthy foods. It’s appetizing! Yellow is the color of ripe bananas and fresh citrus fruits like tart pineapples and lemons. And if you’re working with an especially dark kitchen, there’s simply no better way to brighten the space and let this warm natural tone bring nature to you. Check out our yellow room inspiration post to see ideas for the rest of the home.

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