An introduction to pillows for side sleepers

We have different favorite sleeping positions because this is how we are able to comfortably sleep for long hours. The different types of sleeping positions are: from the stomach, back or side. However there is sleeping position that is more beneficial to us because of how it is going to decreased interrupted sleep. This sleeping position is side sleeping. Side sleeping can alleviate insomnia and also good for those who are having problems with their back. They can have a pillow placed between their legs to ease pressure to their hips and their lower back. Side sleeping is also best for pregnant women, who should definately check out this great article on Pillow Focus.

There are questions why you need to choose the right pillow for side sleepers. That is because the right pillow for side sleeper can help as a support to your neck, hips, spine and legs. Not choosing the right one can create health issues like snoring, headaches, pain, numbness and other discomfort feeling. Side sleepers have variations and these are fetal position, log position and the yearner position. The fetal position is sleeping like a fetus. The log position is sleeping on your side with straight legs and both of the arms down on your waist. While the yearner position is sleeping on your side that both arms are in front of your body and legs are straight.

When choosing the right pillow for side sleepers you have to ensure that the materials are made of polyester or memory foam. To have a better sleep the pillow should give comfort to your neck and your back. There is also an option that a pillow can benefit you if you are a pregnant woman which is a total body pillow. A bamboo memory foam is also included that is good for side sleepers. Choose also the one you can put between your arms while sleeping on your side.

As you notice memory foam and the polyester fabric are the best options for side sleepers that is because it has the features and quality that are just right for them. This is being made because of the good airflow that it has that will make you feel cool whenever you sleep at night. This is the best thing with the memory foam and polyester fabric pillows for side sleepers. This is a great switch from normal pillows to these types of pillows. There are so many options for the memory foam and polyester pillows that you can choose in the market or online shops.

All those recommended pillows are important for side sleepers as this will result to a more comfortable sleep and rest at night. If you are having sleeping problem and not yet a side sleeper well then try this sleeping position. If you are having back pains make sure to have soft pillow that you have beside you so you can enjoy more on your sleep. This will surely decrease the pain that you are having whenever you are sleeping. You may start now the side sleeping to have the comfortable sleep that you are wanting every night.

Bar Cart 101: Chocolate Pairs With Bourbon for a Warm Winter Cocktail (8 photos)

As the founder of Badminton Chocolate, I love using chocolate as an ingredient. Here’s a winter cocktail that combines homemade chocolate syrup with bourbon whiskey. You start by making the syrup, then add cream, a half-ounce of bourbon and milk. (Going a little light on the amount of bourbon creates a nice balance of flavors.) Top with more whipped cream and marshmallows, and you’re set to indulge.

Chocolate Syrup


  • 1½ cups water
  • 1½ cups local honey
  • ¾ cup organic raw cacao powder
  • 1 teaspoon pure Madagascar vanilla extract
  • ⅛ teaspoon cardamom powder
  • Dash of sea salt

1. Bring the water to a boil. Add the honey, lower the heat to medium-high and stir constantly until the honey has dissolved. Be careful that the honey doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan and burn.

2. Further lower the temperature to medium-low and add the raw cacao powder while whisking the mixture. Whisk constantly at a low boil for 5 to 6 minutes, smoothing out all the lumps and making sure the mixture doesn’t boil over. The longer the cooking time, the thicker the syrup will be.

3. Remove from heat and store in an airtight container for up to a month.

Ultra Luxury Apartment Design

Luxury homes are a great source of inspiration whether you’re looking for a new style to adopt or just want to stay on top of rising trends. These high-end interiors often feature at least a few ideas a budget conscious decorator can adapt or recreate. This post features three ultra-luxurious apartments in detail, all from different parts of the world – New York, Iran, and Beirut. Each sophisticated interior demonstrates a unique aesthetic fully influenced by the interests and personalities of the residents themselves, rather than following the lead of the design magazines alone.

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4 Tips for Designing a Wildlife-Friendly Small Garden (5 photos)

Let’s say you have a 100- to 200-square-foot area to work with, and you want to keep the plants under 4 feet tall so as not to visually overwhelm the space and your neighbors. You want it to look good, as though it has a designed purpose, but you also want it to help the environment, from pollinators to birds.

1. Keep it simple but plant it thick. Accept your garden’s limitations and work with them by keeping plantings simple. It’s going to look chaotic if you have 30 plant species in 100 square feet. Instead, choose 10 to 12 species, or fewer, and try to have two or three of them be a grass or sedge.

Grasses and sedges provide winter shelter and nesting material for birds, and they tend to outcompete weeds with their fibrous root systems and soil-shading nature. These will become your base layer that ties everything together in a cohesive way. Match them to your soil, light conditions and ecoregion for best long-term performance. Grasses generally need full sun, whereas sedges are more adaptable.

Sideoats grama (Bouteloua curtipendula, USDA zones 3 to 9; find your zone), prairie dropseed (Sporobolus heterolepis, zones 3 to 8), little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium, zones 2a to 9b) and sedges like Sprengel’s sedge (Carex sprengelii, zones 3 to 5) or Muskingum sedge (C. muskingumensis, zones 4 to 9), also called palm sedge, are good options.

Plants shown: Little bluestem, hairy grama (Bouteloua hirsuta), blue grama (B. gracilis), sideoats grama and prairie dropseed

6 Perfectly Minimalistic Black And White Interiors

Minimalism isn’t going out of style any time soon. It’s more than just an aesthetic – it’s a philosophy, a lifestyle, and an art form. Getting started is as simple as decluttering and adopting a function-first approach to interior design but perfecting the minimalist style requires deep thought into the composition and purpose of each space. But if you’re looking for specific minimalistic design trends, black and white interiors are always a great place to begin. This post examines six homes with stunning black and white palettes and a streamlined approach to decoration.

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My Houzz: In Italy, a Kind of Design Poetry Amid Books and Mannequins (16 photos)

Toscano moved into the apartment after the death of her uncle, who owned a high-end fashion boutique in Piazza San Marco.

Before she filled it with books, bags, hats, clothes, vases, glasses, candles, pens, CDs, lampshades, countless pairs of shoes and a small collection of teapots, the apartment was furnished with armoires, mirrors and dressers in 18th-century style. Toscano sold some of the pieces and incorporated others into her decor.

New This Week: 3 Modern Kitchens That Rock Warm Wood Cabinets (6 photos)

The nitty-gritty: Perimeter countertop: Caesarstone in Pure White; island countertop: Silestone in Fun; backsplash tile: Orange Burst C13, Glazzio; feature wall tile: travertine, 12 by 24 inches; refrigerator: RF201ADx4, 20.1 cubic feet, 36-inch counter depth, French door, stainless steel, Fisher & Paykel; range: HIIP054U, 30-inch induction slide-in, stainless steel, Bosch; dishwasher: 500 Series SHSHX65T55UC, stainless steel, Bosch; microwave: NN-SD681S, Panasonic; range hood: PRH6-K30, stainless steel, Vent-A-Hood; cabinet boxes: full overlay with slab doors, Ikea; cabinet drawers and doors: ¾-inch walnut slab; display shelving on island, cabinet pulls and cabinet hinges: Ikea; sink: Hahn Chef extra-large double bowl, Costco; faucet: 33870760, single-lever mixer with pullout spray, chrome, Dornbracht; flooring: Almada cork, Marcas; wall, trim and ceiling paint: Pure White, Benjamin Moore

Team: Friberg Industries (carpentry, tile, plumbing and HVAC); Paramount Granite (countertop fabrication); Roe’s International Furniture Services (cabinet finishing); R Johnson and Sons (electrical); Scherr’s Cabinets & Doors (cabinet doors and drawers)

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25 Inspirational Ideas For White And Wood Dining Rooms

The dining table is more than just a place to sit down and take in a meal. It’s the place where families can relate their daily stories and struggles, where best friends laugh over fond memories, where a person can sit quietly in the morning to reflect over a cup of hot coffee. It’s one of the most treasured parts of any home – a comfortable dining room design is nourishing for the stomach and the soul alike. This post examines 25 dining rooms decorated in white and wood, the simple materials and straightforward design allowing those special moments to take center stage.

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Houzz Tour: Major Face-Lift Gives a Beach House New Life (20 photos)

A commercial building in Cannon Beach, Oregon, that mixed dark corrugated metal with shingles and arbors had caught the homeowners’ eyes, and that particular material palette stuck with them. Nelson sat down to do initial sketches with them with this in mind. Here is the initial sketch from their first meeting.

Exposed Concrete Walls Ideas & Inspiration

There are a million and one ways to use concrete, but interior decorating is unlikely to pop up first in anybody’s mind. Yet it’s just so simple and attractive, and it’s as versatile in the interior design world as it is in construction. As a unique wall treatment, concrete isn’t quite as carefree as drywall but it does come with a few interesting options – give your concrete walls a gorgeous texture or a smooth high gloss, paint or stain it any color you can imagine, imprint your favorite designs or score it into squares… The list goes on! This post highlights a few different approaches so you can find a fit for your style.

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