Houzz Tour: A Swedish Home and Garden Fit for a Dream (19 photos)

Coup d’œil
Qui habite ici : Kerstin Ahlstedt et son mari Håkan
Emplacement : Rödja, près de Vetlanda, dans le Småland, en Suède
Superficie : 290 m² avec un jardin de presque 9 300 m². Sur la propriété se trouve également une dépendance bien-être avec un sauna et une maison d’hôtes de 100 m², que le couple loue 10 semaines en été. Il y a également une mare à côté de la petite maison où l’on peut trouver des écrevisses et des truites arc-en-ciel.
Anecdote : En 2002, le couple a reçu une récompense de la municipalité pour tout le travail effectué dans la propriété.

Dining Room Roundup: 30 Elegant Designs For Any Style

For many, the dining room serves as the very heart of the home – it’s where families gather to share the stories of the day, where old friends can make new memories, where doodles and work documents can stretch their legs. This post features 25 gorgeous dining rooms that remain simple without feeling minimalistic, using smart materials and furniture choices that underscore a sense of elegance without dominating the landscape. Each has a distinct personality despite the similarities, each catering to different tastes and space constraints. Which dining room design suits you best? Comment to let us know!

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15 Modern-Rustic Farmhouses Celebrate Simple Pleasures (50 photos)

Modern-farmhouse and rustic styles seem like a match made in heaven. Both imbue a sense of authenticity with simple forms and raw materials like natural wood and stone. When combined, the blend offers a sense of place that feels harder to find these days: a quiet, bucolic retreat where time

My Houzz: Cozy and Family-Friendly in a Colonial-Style Home (20 photos)

Houzz Contributor. I’m a digital content creator and stylist living in Nashville, Tennessee, with handsome graphic designer husband. You can find me in the kitchen, always cooking up something yummy, rearranging furniture, thrifting/antiquing at my favorite shops and exploring beautiful Tennessee on the weekends. I’m a sucker for good home design and can’t wait to go all out on our own place someday. For now, we love life in our little 2-bedroom, 1-bath bungalow rental.

Houzz Contributor. I’m a digital content creator and stylist living in Nashville,… More

A Sleek And Surprising Interior Inspired By Scandinavian Modernism

The streamlined and modern side of Scandinavian-inspired decor is a wonderful choice for designers who want a calm and cohesive style that remains open to future alterations. Perhaps that’s why ZROBYM Architects used this fresh feeling theme for this adorable two-story residence created with a young couple in mind – it’s easy to maintain a stylish and up-to-date home when you’re starting with such a versatile style. The floor plan stretches over 292 square meters, all illuminated by tall windows, serving as the perfect foundation for Nordic themes.

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My Houzz: Backyard Shed Becomes a Couple’s Cool Home (17 photos)

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Skye Pitt, 30, and Mitch Howard, 33
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Size: One bedroom and an outdoor shower

The Shed was built by Pitt’s dad to resemble a cattle shed, using telegraph poles he got from the side of the road and 6-foot corrugated iron sheets. During Pitt’s teenage years, it served as a party house for Pitt and her siblings. It holds memories of pool nights and dancing to the Backstreet Boys, so it had a sense of home and familiarity.

When Pitt returned to it years later, it was a less-than-ideal place to live. “It was a junkyard at the time. It was literally filled to the roof with boxes, old mattresses, a pool table, old furniture — you name it,” Pitt says. “It was also home to a billion spiders and a family of mice.”

An Atmospheric Approach To Modernist Architecture In Mexico

Modernist architecture (also known as International Style) is defined by thin linear forms, exposed metal frames, concrete cladding, and little ornamentation – characteristics often met with hesitation due to the perception that strict functionalism leads to overly minimalistic spaces. But these beautiful homes by José Juan Rivera Río demonstrate a more vibrant side of this iconic architectural genre: organic, atmospheric, and endlessly adaptable. Located in the prestigious Mexico City neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec, all three homes reject the monolithic mansions that surround and instead opt for clarity and organic appeal.

Of course, the images themselves are worth admiration on their own merit. Photographer Nasser Malek captures the moody ambiance and dynamic inner life of these buildings as the wandering gaze of a resident would experience them, highlighting personality through perspective and context. See more of his expressive architectural photography at his website: http://nssr.com.mx/

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Houzz Tour: A Midcentury Modern Dream Come True (12 photos)

Photos by Kim Jeffery

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Shirley Meisels and her blended family of five
Location: Toronto
Size: 4,200 square feet (390 square meters); four bedrooms, five bathrooms

The 1960s house had great bones and didn’t require much structural work, but it did need new heating, air-conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems. The single-pane windows were replaced with double-glazed, insulated aluminum windows, and a lot of cosmetic work was done to the kitchen and bathrooms.

In the entry hall, Meisels had an arch removed to keep the more modern squared-off look. The black outline around the sidelights plays off the black frames on the large painting and the mirror. The floors are 2-by-4-foot porcelain tiles digitally printed to look like marble.

The bench, a modern take on traditional Shaker style, is an unexpected touch. “I wanted to do this house modern but not necessarily midcentury modern,” Meisels says. “I had enough retro pieces to bring with me, and I wanted it to look more current; I wanted to mix it up.”

The entry also foreshadows what’s to come. While Meisels loves a light background and strong contrasting black accents, she adds in dashes of color in a carefully edited way, as you see here with the saturated rug.

Houzz Tour: Budget Remodel for a Midcentury Oregon Rancho (32 photos)

Photos by Mhari Scott

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Annie and Eric Wise and their two young sons
Location: Portland, Oregon
Size: 1,144 square feet (106 square meters); three bedrooms, 1½ baths
Year completed: Built in 1954, remodeled in 2015

When Annie and Eric Wise purchased their home in 2008, the exterior was a cool white with blue trim. The couple had it painted a medium-tone gray, adding clean white trim to accentuate the home’s lines.

They also had the front door painted red to highlight it, as the entrance is at an unusual angle. “We decided to accent that in red to help define the entry,” Annie says. “We added the planters and a little light there.”

They also added the street address for a modern touch, and the white rock sprinkled in the front planter. The red car belongs to Eric, who restored it with the help of his grandfather.

Super Stylish Kids Room Designs

Designing for kids can be tough. Going down the road of themes risks that in a few years they’ll have totally changed their mind and you’re stuck with a color, bedding, and maybe even a bunch of art you just can’t keep. The designers we’ve gathered for you here have taken a modern approach to children bedroom design. Playing with bright spaces, fresh colors, and fun elements – these spaces are kid friendly and will last well into the teen years.

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