Home Decor Gifts For Book Lovers

Books, books, and more books. Who can get enough of them? From the musty old smell of an antique bookshop to the crisp, white pages of a newly-bought piece, the allure of reading is one savoured and cherished. How can you share such a solitary activity with others? These forty-six finds, acting as gifts or personal novelties, afford a way for readers to both maintain bookishness and flaunt their passion – simultaneously. Whether it’s accessories for books, a unique cushion, innovative chair, scented candle or world map of the classics you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it here. Take a turn of our digital pages below to find your perfect gift.

Holiday DIY: Mason Jar Forced Bulbs and Evergreen Gift Tags (16 photos)

Stephanie Rose started gardening to help pass the time while recovering from a debilitating yearlong illness. She soon caught the gardening bug, and today she is a master gardener in Vancouver, where she teaches organic gardening, food growing and garden crafts and produces her Garden…

Black & White Scandinavian Interiors That Explore The Dark Side

Two trends of the moment, black and white and Scandinavian themes can make quite a pair. We’ve found two apartments that use the trends wisely, putting Scandinavia’s busy simplicity and black and white’s dramatic effects to good design use. The first space, sultry and evocative in film noir, leads out to a kitchen framed in grey and pastels, while black cabinetry grounds the rest. Our second shocks with black walls and popping cacti, which soon slur into deep, dark chocolate tones that lead into a kitchen good enough to eat. Take a look at our house tours to explore two interiors verging on the dark side.

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My Houzz: Modest Row House Gets a Bright, Cheery Redesign (22 photos)

Tucked away on a quiet street in a Sydney suburb, this modest row house stands out no more and no less than its neighbors. Inside the family home, however, is a whole new world. Thanks to careful decorating and renovations that include a new bedroom, rear addition and master bathroom, the home now has…

Bring a New Dimension to Your Home With Sculpture (8 photos)

When it comes to adding art to our homes, many of us can be rather one-dimensional and never think beyond paintings and framed photographs. Still, most of us admire furniture and lighting that is said to have a “sculptural quality,” so incorporating sculpture into our decor shouldn’t be a big leap. If you’re intrigued but need some help finding room for a three-dimensional masterpiece, here are some good spots to consider.

4 Small Apartment Interiors Embracing Character Themes

A small apartment need not obstruct style. These four spaces under 100sqm create characterful and contemporary living areas. White walls meet light wood with artistic, calligraphed wall decals. Dark, dangerous colours meet slate flooring and street lighting. Muted tones meet beige and clean lines. Large panes of concrete are offered respite in pops of brilliant blackcurrant. Whether opting for white and minimalist, dark and moody, sleek and Scandinavian or simply industrial, a small space, with the right innovative architecture, can create a little haven in the skies of any city. Take a peek for inspiration.

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How to Clean Your Range and Oven (10 photos)

Cleaning Solutions

For many folks, the next step is spraying the interior of the oven with a commercial oven cleaner. For this method, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the can for best results.

If you prefer not to use a commercial oven cleaner, you can opt for ammonia, Shiraz says. Pour two cups of ammonia in a bowl and use a sponge to scrub the areas that have baked-on debris. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then wipe out the oven with water. “Make sure the ammonia is rinsed out thoroughly,” Shiraz says, “otherwise your oven will smell like ammonia the next time you use it.”

Stegner recommends sprinkling baking soda over the interior surface, then spraying liberally with the solution she described earlier, to create a paste. “I’ve tried everything,” she says. “I used commercial oven cleaner 20 years ago but stopped doing that — there are so many poisons in oven cleaners it’s crazy. When you have that many cautions on something, it’s not something I want in my oven. Now I use the baking soda.”

4 Asian-Influenced Interiors That Exude the East

With many design influences springing from the West – Nordic, Scandinavian, French – we sometimes forget about the luxuries of the East. Simplistic with a taste of a different kind of rustic, they offer modern elegance with a twist. Lush plant life joins with simple slatted windows and rough-shod wood to create the feel of the jungle. Low, flat lines in expansive, muted colours show a more down-to-earth design. Warm lighting glows upon curved seating, twisted and turned for the sake of innovation. Find the values of the East in your interior with these Japanese and Vietnamese homes, all visualised by Phiung Asia.

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Room of the Day: A Tropical Surprise in a Texas Ranch Home (3 photos)

Photos by Ryann Ford

Living-Dining Room at a Glance
Location: East Austin, Texas
Size: 352 square feet (33 square meters); 22 by 16 feet
Designer: Maureen Stevens

Trees surround the house, filling the room’s windows with views of lush greenery. “Outside is like a forest,” Stevens says. The homeowners wanted to bring this verdant outdoors inside, and they were already dreaming of incorporating hand-painted wallpaper by the time Stevens was hired. This, as well as their vision to one day open up the far wall to the backyard, contributed to the selection of the coastal scene from de Gournay, a London company that specializes in hand-painted wallpaper.

The wallpaper, called Le Brésil, is a reproduction of a design by Louis Joseph Fuchs for Desfossé, first published in Paris in 1862. De Gournay customized the colors and spacing of the wallpaper elements to fit the room’s dimensions and the homeowners’ wishes.

The decor for the rest of the room followed. “Everything evolved around the wallpaper,” Stevens says. The mural sets a tropical theme for the room that calls to the lush foliage outside. The colors in the paper influenced the upholstery, and the furniture pieces reference the home’s midcentury design without competing with the accent wall. “We didn’t want the other items to interfere” with the mural, Stevens says. As the living and dining areas are open to each other, but the room isn’t huge, it was important to keep the space fluid and open but distinct.

The room is divided into living and dining zones. A large sectional sofa provides the homeowners, who both work from home, with a comfy lounge area in which to kick back and watch movies on a projector screen that pulls down from the ceiling. The sofa brings the darker blues of the water in the wallpaper forward. It fits on a large area rug the homeowners found while traveling in New Mexico, which defines the living area. “We really wanted to make a delineation, even though it’s all one space,” Stevens says. The rug’s colors coordinate with the salmon of the birds and flowers in the wallpaper.