Houzz Tour: A Made-to-Order Modern Farmhouse in Massachusetts (17 photos)

Photo by Eric Roth; other photos by Jared Kuzia

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: A couple and their daughter, who was born during the construction, and their bulldog, Gunther
Location: North Shore of Massachusetts
Size: 3,000 square feet (279 square meters); four bedrooms, three full bathrooms and two powder rooms
Designers: Kristina Crestin Design (interiors), Connor Homes (home)

There were a lot of factors at play when Crestin was considering whether to sign on to the project. The couple was working with Connor Homes, a company that produces panelized homes with historic-looking exteriors and interiors tailored to modern lifestyles. Everything is customized and made in the factory, then shipped to the customer’s site to be assembled. The owners chose this Federal-style farmhouse, the Sarah Taylor.

The construction of the house was being filmed for the TV show, and Crestin would have to get up in front of the cameras.

And Crestin, who is used to doing a lot of the interior architectural design, knew she’d need to work with elements that the couple had already chosen, like millwork, cabinetry and the staircase. But after seeing the choices the couple had made for the house so far, learning they liked bold contrast, seeing their willingness to compromise, bonding with them over their mutual love of incorporating architectural salvage into interior design and getting a good feel for what a modern-farmhouse look meant to them, she was in.

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The bedroom is a place to relax, to be pampered, and to be romantic. With the average person spending thirty percent of their life asleep, why not make your bedroom your most important room? These four luxurious designs, resplendent in furs, satin sheeting, glamorous headboards and beautifully-woven rugs, give a taste of the ornate at bedtime. Exploring themes from glowing amber to native African, they show how versatile the bedroom can be – and how glorious a matching ensuite, or pool, can make the space. Take a peek at the most private of rooms with these four globally gorgeous designs.

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Be Your Own Wildflower Nursery (10 photos)

Houzz Contributor. I’m a big advocate for bringing the tallgrass prairie into our urban lives — only 1% remains, making it more threatened than the Amazon rainforest yet also as effective at sequestering CO2. I own Monarch Gardens LLC, a prairie garden consulting & design firm based in Nebraska, and speak nationally on native plants, sustainable design, and landscape ethics. My 4,500’ home garden has been featured online at Garden Design and Fine Gardening, while my writing and photography appears in over 70 publications. In the coming years we’d like to start a boutique nursery and artist residency on a 40+ acre restored prairie. Gardens are revolutions that wake us to our world!

Houzz Contributor. I’m a big advocate for bringing the tallgrass prairie into our… More

Cottage Chic Meets Industrial Decor In This Amazing Milan Apartment

It’s a combination of photo studio, styling lab, creative office. But above all, it’s the gorgeous and endlessly fascinating home of Milan-based photographer Paulina Arcklin. The interior features a contrast of texture and theme – rough industrial accents add depth and character to their light Scandinavian inspired backdrop, its ethereal quality constantly grounded by creative reinterpretations of everyday objects. If you’re the type of decorator that foregoes antique stores in favor of rescuing rusted treasures from moss-covered barns or forgotten warehouse basements, this apartment is sure to stoke your thirst for adventure.

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World of Design: Compact Tokyo Home Squeezes In Lots of Living Space (18 photos)

Dans l’architecture japonaise, la partie sud des maisons individuelles, celle qui reçoit le soleil, est souvent entièrement dédiée à une terrasse. Cependant, ici, la partie sud donnait directement sur le mur de la maison voisine. Il n’était donc pas possible d’y placer une terrasse. En s’appuyant sur la volonté des propriétaires d’avoir des espaces extérieurs, l’architecte a proposé de positionner la maison le long d’un côté de la propriété pour créer un large « passage » nord-sud de l’autre. Ce passage prend la moitié du volume de la maison, soit une répartition inhabituellement généreuse, mais qui a permis de transformer la partie la plus ensoleillée de la propriété en terrasse.

Houzz Tour: 1970s Home With a Cool Contemporary Look (20 photos)

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Nicole and David Neal; their children, Callum, 14, James, 13, and Charlotte, 8; and dog Murray
Location: Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia
Size: Five bedrooms, four bathrooms
Budget: US$837,700
Designer: Nest Architects

The sloping site of this house allowed for a street-level entry, which leads directly to the main-floor living spaces (on the upper level). Interior stairs step down (in line with the slope) to the children’s areas and the backyard.

The exterior of the house was mostly kept intact. Cement work and fresh paint on the original brick walls freshened it up. The two existing windows were retrofitted with perforated screens to obscure views into and out of an en suite bathroom and dressing room.

Luxury 3 Bedroom Apartment Design Under 2000 Square Feet (Includes 3D Floor Plan)

Sophisticated design is a term often used, and seldom achieved. This apartment in Chișinău, Moldova, is an example of a truly sophisticated apartment, artfully constructed. Commissioned by a young ambitious couple and designed by MUSA Studio, this 178 square metre space has all the elements and some added – an extra bedroom, library, wardrobe, storage and bathroom, in addition to the existing rooms. Using a charcoal palette and refined, opulent materials, this living quarters screams space while showing off the finer elements in life. Living walls, satin bedsheets, marble walls and flooring, and intricate art pieces coalesce in the opulent living room, the focal point of the space.

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My Houzz: Converted Shipping Container Floats His Boat (25 photos)

Photos by Chris Snook

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Max McMurdo, designer, TV presenter and owner of upcycling company Reestore
Location: Bedford Marina, England
Size: One bedroom, one bathroom

“I actually first dreamed up this house when I was 25 and living at home with my parents,” McMurdo says. “I was self-employed and wondering how I would ever get my own place, so I had the idea of creating a shipping container home. It was in the early days of CAD [computer-aided design], so I even made a little CAD model of it.”

This was before the upcycling revolution had picked up pace, however, and the idea of converting a shipping container was greeted by others as just a crazy scheme, so McMurdo put the idea to one side and concentrated on building his career instead.

However, a few years later, armed with more confidence and experience, and having set up his own upcycling company, Reestore, in the interim, Max decided to revisit his dream and set about making it come true.

Rustic Beauty in an Inner-City Apartment

Describing an apartment as “rustic” often evokes images of wood cabins, lodges and otter dams outside. How can you take the serenity and warmth of a wood cabin, and inject it into an inner-city apartment? This stylish design by Anton Medvedec shows how a rustic, wood-panelled design can look both stylish and modern. Using high, full-length wooden panels and flooring with warm oak tones, this apartment yokes serenity and simplicity together in several seamless space transitions. Slatted partitions and white-walling add a feel of the industrial, and slim-line touches elegance. Marble tiling and sleek furniture add a contemporary feel, while Star Wars figurines give cheek to a simply luscious living area.

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